Fluoride Treatments at Miller Family Dentistry in Nashville, TN

Fluoride Treatments at Miller Family Dentistry in Nashville, TN

Fluoride treatments add another layer of protection to your teeth. At Miller Family Dentistry in Nashville, Tennessee, we want to help prevent dental problems so that you can enjoy a healthier smile. Fluoride treatments at the dentist are a simple way for children and adults to prevent tooth decay and lessen tooth sensitivity.

What Are Fluoride Treatments?

Fluoride helps rebuild the enamel, making it stronger. Enamel is the essential outer layer of your teeth. It is supposed to be very strong because it protects the more vulnerable materials inside your teeth.

Fluoride treatments at the dentist are easy. One of our dental hygienists places the gel or resin containing fluoride onto all surfaces of your teeth. These treatments usually come at the end of your professional cleaning appointment. To allow the fluoride to absorb into the enamel on your teeth, you should avoid eating, drinking, or rinsing your mouth for 30 minutes after the treatment.

Benefits of Fluoride Treatments

Fluoride treatments for adults and kids include many positive benefits.

  • Reduce the risk of cavities.
  • Help stop the growth of untreated cavities.
  • Lessen tooth sensitivity.
  • May prevent gum disease.
  • Prevent problems that could result in tooth loss.
  • Prevent problems that could result in costly restorations.

Is Fluoride Safe?

Absolutely! The treatment is safe, but it needs to be done under a dental professional's supervision or by a dentist's prescription. If too much fluoride is ingested, it could cause an upset stomach. Too much fluoride in your system can cause fluorosis, resulting in white specks on your teeth, discolored teeth, pitted teeth, or overly dense bones that are not very strong. Talk to your dentist if you think you have fluorosis.

Who Should Get Fluoride Treatments?

All children should get fluoride treatments during their regular teeth cleanings. Children are often still building a proper oral hygiene routine, which makes them more susceptible to tooth decay and other dental problems.

Adults can also benefit from fluoride, especially if they get a lot of cavities or if their teeth are sensitive.

Fluoride is often added to town or city water supplies. If you drink well water that is not fluoridated, you can get regular fluoride treatments at the dentist to boost cavity prevention.

Fluoride Treatment Cost

Fluoride treatments are a preventative dental service, so many dental plans cover the cost of the treatment. You can give us a call or message us online to ask specific pricing questions.

Experience the Benefits of Fluoride Treatments at Miller Family Dentistry

If you live in the Nashville, Tennessee area, we welcome you to schedule a professional dental cleaning and exam at Miller Family Dentistry. We can include a fluoride treatment as part of your cleaning, so your teeth can benefit from that extra layer of protection. We are dedicated to giving all our patients the dental care they need to prevent serious dental problems that can lead to tooth loss or costly, time-consuming restorations.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment. We are happy to care for patients of all ages.

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