Preventive Dental Care

Preventive Dental Care

The dentists and staff at Miller Family Dentistry believe that the mouth must be healthy for the whole body to be healthy. Our preventive dental services help keep your oral health in check. We diligently inspect every aspect of your mouth, from teeth to gums to bones. If an issue arises, we'll come up with a plan to fix it. Maintain your healthy smile by coming to our dental office in Nashville, Tennessee for all your preventive dental care needs.

Preventive Dentistry at Miller Family Dentistry

Preventive dental care keeps your teeth and mouth healthy. Our caring hygienists examine your gums and check your teeth for developed decay or fractures during regular preventive care visits. Finding problems early means it is easier and more cost-effective to treat them.

Recent studies have shown a connection between heart disease and other systemic diseases to gum disease and abscessed teeth. Preventive dental care allows us to detect and heal the problems in your mouth, so your entire body can be healthier. Everyone can benefit from regular preventive dentistry!

Preventive Dental Services

Our preventive dental care includes the following services:

  • Professional teeth cleaning. Not only does this service clean the debris and stains from your teeth, but it also helps keep your gums healthy, and it prevents future gum disease. You'll love the fresh, polished feel of your teeth after a professional cleaning!
  • Thorough dental exam. The dentist takes a close look inside your mouth, looking for tooth decay and any problems in the soft tissues of your mouth.
  • X-ray. We take digital x-rays to check for decay between the teeth, check for abscessed teeth, and check for lesions in the bones of the upper and lower jaws.
  • Fluoride treatment. This painless treatment helps prevent tooth decay.
  • Oral cancer screening. When oral cancer is detected early, successful treatment is more likely.
  • Home care education. We will teach you how to care for your teeth and gums properly at home.

At-Home Preventive Dental Care

Vigilant oral hygiene habits are an integral part of complete dental care. Brush your teeth at least twice a day, and use dental floss regularly. We also recommend avoiding the use of tobacco.

Schedule regular visits with your dentist at Miller Family Dentistry. For most people, we recommend coming in once every six months. Some people may need to come in more often, depending on the health of their mouth, the quality of home dental care, and any genetic factors that could contribute to gum disease.

Preventive Dentistry Cost

Regular preventive dental care helps keep your teeth healthier. Taking care of minor dental issues is much less expensive than taking care of significant dental problems.

Some dental insurance plans cover all or part of your preventive dental services. Check with your provider to learn more.

Why Choose Miller Family Dentistry for Preventive Dental Services?

At Miller Family Dentistry, we strive to provide high-quality service to every patient who walks through our doors. Our hygienists are thorough, gentle, and genuinely care about their patients. Our dentists are experienced and compassionate.

If it's time to schedule your next dental checkup, please give us a call or request an appointment online. We look forward to giving you the best dental care we can offer!

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